The 7 worst things BoJack Horseman ever did

Throughout all the series BoJack got stained with several selfish and awful acts that often hit the people who cared most about him. Let’s breakdown the worst things that the cursed actor ever did to his loved ones.

BoJack Horseman tells a story that is not usually told that often within the world of entertainment. BoJack is far from being the standardised main character that starts from a very low point to end up with a redemption: he will never find true, proper redemption in the series, even when it looks like he is on the verge of becoming a better person. He is such a bad person that he ends up hating himself, and his behaviours are a proof of this: BoJack clearly doesn’t love himself and, no matter how hard he tries to get better, he seems to be trapped in a downward spiral towards self-destruction. Deep-down (really, really deep), though, BoJack is not an evil person, but this potential good side of him is buried by tons of harsh experiences, delusions, sick relationships, an extremely high dose of bad parenting and dangerous addictions.

Let’s analyse his worst behaviours and actions.

7. Giving Princess Carolyn for granted

At the start of the series, Princess Carolyn is BoJack’s girlfriend. The two of them spent a lot of time together and, with BoJack being the first ever client of Princess Carolyn, there is a special bond between them, especially from the point of view of the latter. Princess Carolyn, indeed, at one point in the series admits that BoJack was the person she thought she would have ended up with, the great love of her life. Their relationship, though, was strongly co-dependant: BoJack needed Princess Carolyn’s support and BoJack, on the other end, provided her a constant flow of problems and instability that gave her a continuous project to work on and troubles to be solved. BoJack during all the first season had little or no regard of Princess Carolyn and often took her for granted, which led to a troubled relationship between them. Anyway, BoJack’s attitude towards her never sent Princess Carolyn away from him for good, and this makes her one of the most positive characters in the show.

6. Diane Nguyen and their relationship

During the show Diane Nguyen became a fundamental part of BoJack’s life, maybe because of their similarities and their constant negative way of looking at life. There are several amazing scene featuring them across the seasons, and their relationship is one of the most important (if not the most) foundations of the show. Despite the respect that BoJack has for Diane, this doesn’t spare her from receiving the same miserable treatment as other people in his life. After accompanying him to an old friend’s house, Herb Kazzaz, Bojack kisses Diane in a moment of extreme confusion, but he doesn’t stop there: in the next episode he tries in every possible way to stop her wedding with Mr. Peanutbutter with elaborate schemes, and trying to involve the poor and innocent Todd in the process. That’s not all: during the series BoJack keeps doing mean things to Diane, even if sometimes involuntarily like his sudden and repeated disappearances or his constant tries to hurt himself to keep her close, as he knows she will never leave him by himself. The last way BoJack finds to hurt her is breaking the promise he makes to her to let her leave for Chicago: he promised that he would have been fine, but instead he ends up almost killing himself. Their (probably) last meeting is the series finale, with the two of them enjoying that short and brief moment together, despite everything they went through.

5 Repeatedly mistreating and sabotaging Todd

Todd is the comedy relief of the series and the moral compass of BoJack Horseman. For long time he lives in BoJack’s house sleeping on his couch, tolerating all his bad behaviours in the name of what he genuinely believes to be a good friendship. Of course, BoJack will end up hurting him, too. First by sabotaging his rock opera, then sleeping with Emily, Todd’s best friend and former girlfriend,due to him being asexual. This latter act represents once again the lack of boundaries of BoJack and it will mark a split between the two: they’ll only start to get closer after BoJack’s rehab period. A long separation that will mark Todd’s (even if odd and unusual) maturity.

4. Herb Kazzaz, the betrayal and the selfish quest for forgiveness

Herb was on old friend of BoJack and the creator of the series Horsin’ Around that eventually made him famous. After being caught having a sexual relationship with another man and fearing that this will cost him his job in the series, Herb asks BoJack for help by asking him to threaten to leave his job, too, if Herb had been fired. In this cruel (but extremely real for the time, as Horsin’ Around was airing in the last years of the eighties and the first years of the nineties) depiction of Hollywood scene, BoJack finally finds himself forced to choose between his career and his friendship with Herb. He ultimately chooses the first option, betraying Herb and costing him his job, and successively cutting all contacts with him. Until the day he finds out that Herb has cancer: after reaching out to him, BoJack is invited by Herb in Malibu, where the last confrontation between the two happens. Herb won’t forgive BoJack for what he did as he knew that BoJack went to visit him to get his forgiveness just for himself and not because he actually cared about him. BoJack wanted to have closure just for his benefit, to not feel even worse about what he did once Herb had passed away: but this forgiveness will never come, and BoJack will have to live with this burden all of his life.

You know what your problem is? You wanna think of yourself as the good guy. Well, I know you better than anyone else and I can tell you, that you’re not. In fact, you’d probably sleep a lot better at night if you just admitted to yourself that you’re a selfish goddamn coward, who takes whatever he wants, and doesn’t give a shit about who he hurts. That’s you. That’s BoJack Horseman

Herb Kazzaz

3. The relationship and the assault to Gina Cazador

Gina is yet another victim of BoJack’s shitty behaviours and his painkillers addiction. She is his co-star in Philbert and they kick off their relationship by sleeping together, with (supposedly) no feelings involved. While at first BoJack genuinely tries to help Gina gain her confidence back as a singer and person, he will end up hurting her in the worst possible way. Gina successively decides to stop their relationship, until the moment BoJack lies to her about his feelings about her and their relationship, in an attempt to steal some painkillers from her house with the help of Hollyhock. From this moment, the two of them will become an actual couple and they will even go public when BoJack kisses her at the premiere of Philbert, after a quite heated discussion with Diane and while being on a high dose of painkillers. His addiction will become so strong that BoJack stops to distinguish his real life from the show and starts to have actual blackouts caused by the constantly increasing dosage of painkillers: this will result in BoJack strangling Gina for real on set, with extreme violence and under the eyes of all his colleagues. Despite Gina being traumatised by the event, she decides to publicly deny the assault to not harm her career, and BoJack once again gets away with one of his bad deeds. one of the worst of his entire life.

2. Going after Charlotte

After his breakup with Wanda, BoJack flees from L.A. to find his old good friend Charlotte (which in the past showed a romantic interest towards him), who represents his youth and the hope to start a new and better life with her on his side. Charlotte, though, has a family and two kids, which leaves BoJack extremely surprised. So, after meeting Charlotte’s family, BoJack lives with them for two months, staying in his boat “Escape From L.A“. On Penny’s prom night, BoJack takes her and her friends to the party, ending up getting Maddy drunk and abandoning her at the hospital in an attempt to run from the accountability for the event. That same night, after Penny makes a move on him and after rejecting her BoJack will show his true intentions with Charlotte: he wants her to run with him, telling her that he’d loved her all that time, but he is ultimately rejected and is asked to leave in the morning. When he goes back to the boat, BoJack finds Penny there and the two of them will end up being caught by Charlotte, who intimates BoJack to leave immediately. Whether BoJack would have slept with Penny or not is a question without answer, for both the audience and for the same BoJack, which will repeatedly admits that he doesn’t know what he would have done if Charlotte hadn’t walked in on them. This is another example of how BoJack selfishness harmed an entire family that could have been destroyed for good by his actions.

1. Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn. The little girl that worked with BoJack in Horsin’ Around as one of his adopted kids. The little girl that should have been like a daughter to him. The little girl that BoJack should have protected from the same mistakes he made during his life. Sarah Lynn, instead, becomes the greatest victim of BoJack’s carelessness, and it’s one of the clearest examples of how, no matter how good BoJack’s intentions might be, his actions have extreme consequences on the people around him. From wrong advice to actually having sex with her, every interaction he has with Sarah is wrong and deeply immoral. The last, dramatic act of BoJack will drag Sarah Lynn in one last and fatal stint full of drugs and alcohol which will lead the poor girl to die from overdose. Not only BoJack gave her the heroine which costed Sarah her own life, but in an attempt to cover up his involvement in this tragic death he will wait 17 minutes before calling for help: 17 minutes that could have saved Sarah’s life. There’s only one thing that comes to mind, when thinking about Sarah’s tragic end because of BoJack: that’s too much, man!

“I’m at a place right now where I never need to grow as a person or rise to an occasion because I can constantly just surround myself with sycophants and enablers until I die tragically young.”

Sarah Lynn

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