Neil Druckmann and the deleted scene about Ellie (SPOILER)

Just like every film and series, even video games have deleted scenes that didn’t make it to the final version, for many different reasons. Neil Druckmann recently talked about a specific deleted scene that could have been interesting to play, to say the least.

The Last of Us™ Part II

While The Last Of Us Part II is still at the centre of arguments and discussions, details about the game production and deleted scenes are starting to surface. Laura Bailey first spoke about a deleted flashback scene about Abby, which would have seen her joining the WLF from the Fireflies and would have explored her relationship with Isaac, who would have become a sort of fatherly figure to her:

“Originally in some of the flashback sequences, you were going to see Abby going to the Wolves from the Fireflies. It was never a conscious choice to go to the Wolves, she was at that point an orphan […] and was only 15 I think when everything happened. That was where she was sent and was taken under the reign of Isaac. Isaac was a Firefly and a friend of her father so that’s why she went there. That’s why they have the relationship that they do is because he kind of became that fatherly figure to her,”

Laura Bailey

Following the actress’ statement, Neil Druckmann himself talked about this particular scene involving Ellie. After the dramatic events of Seattle, Ellie is living in an isolated farm with Dina and JJ, breeding sheep and growing crops: and yet, she is so devastated inside that she can’t escape her demons and her self-destructive seek of vengeance. In this (fully playable) deleted scene we would have seen Ellie hunting down a boar, in a sort of twisted way to deal with her PTSD: when she finally kills the animal, its squeals bring back Joel’s screams to her brain, and these traumatising moans were mixed with those of the boar.

In Farm, one of the things we had was Ellie hunting. We wanted to show several days of her living on this farm with Dina and she was hunting a boar and the idea was that she couldn’t let go of the killing. Like, she needed to kill this animal and that was part of her dealing with her PTSD. And it was kind of interesting to get into her psychique in that she kills the boar and that kind of squeals and she hears Joel. It was mixed with her scream.”

Neil Druckmann, during a conversation with Troy Baker

The scene didn’t make it into the final version of the game, though, for pacing reasons (even though Druckmann recently stated that “the game is long because they wanted to make it long”, while defending the game and the team from the comments saying that The Last Of Us Part II is too long). It would have definitely been interesting, though, to be able to play this deleted scene that would have shown us just how much broken Ellie is.

Would you have liked to play a bit longer with Ellie and Dina in the farm, or do you think the game was already too stretched? Let us know in the comments section!

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