Will Marvel be the next step in Giancarlo Esposito career?

The Danish-born American actor is set to be the main villain in the next chapter of Far Cry franchise, and he already gives us a (possible and well-welcomed) glimpse on his future.

Once you get to be the villain, you’ll always be the villain. That’s what is happening with Giancarlo Esposito which, after its majestic interpretation of Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, has become one of the most wanted actors to play the shady and ruthless bad guy, with great success. The actor, indeed, apart from reprising his role as Gus in Better Call Saul also joined series such as The Mandalorian and The Boys, always portraying the villain, of course. Who is not intimidated by his presence, his voice or his accent after having seen him in Breaking Bad, after all?

With Far Cry 6 set to feature him as the main villain as a dictator, we can really well say that he definitely embraced his dark side: but his mind is also set on the future of his career and the next step that this could take. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Esposito admitted that one of his next roles could be within the Marvel Universe. There are been several rumours linking him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past, and this statement coming from the actor feeds them with something quite juicy: everyone would love to see him take up the role of a major Marvel Villain.

“Well there’s been all these rumors about being with Marvel, I want to work with those guys. I put it out there all the time. I haven’t created any of those rumors, but I worked years ago with Louis D’Esposito, who’s one of the guys at Marvel, back when he was doing Cotton Club and I was doing Cotton Club, he was the First A.D..
What they do is fantastic, and I want to do something enduring with them. I think the Marvel world would be likely the next step for me and then I would step back into playing some characters I think that really did change the world with their actions and that it really didn’t matter what colour they were. I have my wish-list still and I’ll still look to do that.”

After seeing him in The Mandalorian as Moff Gideon, we have no doubts he would definitely nail a main villain role in the Marvel universe, too. There are already theories on who Esposito could play and the ideas go from Magneto to Norman Osborn, from Professor X to Dracula: the possibilities are many, now it is up to Marvel Studios to take the chance to have yet another iconic villain in their films. No matter who Esposito would end up playing within the MCU, there is one absolute certainty: he would make a hell of a villain.

Who would you like to see Giancarlo Esposito play in the Marvel world? Let us know in the comments section!

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