Neil Druckmann answers the haters of The Last Of Us Part II

The creator and writer of The Last Of Us universe has recently responded to the huge wave of hate comments he received, and actually shared some of the messages that insult him, all Naughty Dog team and are full of homophobic, transphobic and anti-Semitic. Can a video game be able to generate all this hate?

Just like Ellie in the above picture, everyone who worked on the latest Naughty Dog game is cornered by haters and is receiving messages full of hate and even death threats. The mind behind the characters of The Last Of Us, Neil Druckmann, shared some of these disgusting and petty tweets and messages, and some of them are just nasty. (Be aware of potential spoilers in the tweet!)

As it often happens with these extreme case of hatred, the darkest part of the Internet unleashed its worst side. Since the plot leak that happened two months before The Last Of Us: Part II was released, some fans have been waiting for their moment to start their shit-storm towards the game creators (and people who actually liked the game), and this is just one of the examples. Druckmann’s answer was just the one we wanted to have: no regrets about what he and the other team members at Naughty Dog have achieved. You don’t have to apologise when you manage to create something so meticulously written and characterised, reaching such high levels of narration and character’s storytelling.

Laura Bailey, the actress who plays Abby in the game, has also shared some of the scary messages she has been receiving throughout her social medias, and it is the same story all over again:

Naughty Dog strongly opposed and condemned such behaviours, and we should all do the same. If you didn’t like the game, if you wanted some events to go differently, just criticise it, express your opinions about it and have some civil confrontations with other people who loved the game instead: try to build a constructive dialogue, and don’t just go mental by threatening people and sending all this hateful messages. With everything that is happening in the world, the riots in the name of the black lives matter movement, it is just so sad to see these comments that express such vile values such as homophobia, transphobia and antisemitism. Especially during hard times like this, we should all stick to one another and support each other: there is absolutely no need to create more hatred and division over a video game.

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