Where are The Infinity Stones now, and what will happen to the MCU timeline we know?

After the events of Endgame, every fan started wondering about the future of the Infinity Stones and the fate of the timeline we have always lived in through the eyes of every hero in the Saga. What is in store for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is it going to be affected by the absence of the Stones?

Some of us are still trying to move on from the traumatic end of Avengers: Endgame, after more than a year now. Some will, other will never be able to look at the MCU the same way. Many others, though, are extremely excited about the future of the Marvel universe on the big (and not only) screen, with plans for the phase 4 already set in motion and just on the wait list to be revealed with the fans. As always, this enthusiasm brings along the usual quest for answers to all the questions left unanswered by the previous films,and to what it might come after.

One hot question that was haunting some fans was: “What happened to the Infinity Stones after Endgame? And, assuming they are destroyed in the timeline we know, what is going to happen to it?”

Marvel official profile on Instagram finally confirmed that all six Infinity Stones are destroyed, with the following post:


What now, then? The destruction of the Stones will definitely have repercussions on the MCU main timeline. Destroying a Stone (or all six), though, is different from removing it from a reality completely. That’s what The Ancient One alluded when Banner went to her to ask for the Time Stone: she was concerned about the splits that the time flow would have taken and that her timeline was going to be left vulnerable to the dark forces such as Dormammu which would have taken over the Masters of the Mystic Arts left without their biggest weapon against threats like this, the Time Stone.

Destroying the Stones is a whole different story, instead. The Infinity Stones are made of energy, and each one of them is connected to a specific kind. As we saw in the history of Marvel Comics, the destruction of a Stone happened before without major consequences: the Gems are connected to and follow a law of conservation of energy, that states that any kind of energy can neither be created or destroyed, but only converted from one kind of energy into another. So it’s safe to assume that the power of the Stones is still firmly present within the timeline we all know but in a different form, and their power is currently unusable. This means that the Avengers will not be able to use the Stones to defeat any future threat, but also the other way around.

The Avengers, however, now hold another great power: the possibility to travel across the Quantum Realm and travel in time. It is safe to assume that, at some point, they will have to protect this technology from some villain which will be likely interested to use this power to accomplish their mission.

While the Stones are definitely gone, then, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are never going to see them again.
Would you like to see the Gems coming back once again to the MCU, or are you more thrilled about seeing something new and different?

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