James Gunn: “Guardians of the Galaxy 3 might be my last one.”

The writer-director stated that the next chapter in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise could be his last time, alongside the team as we know it today. What does the future hold for the Guardians?

James Gunn at the World Premiere of “Thor: Ragnarok”, Los Angeles, USA – 10 Oct 2017

Asked by a fan on Instagram (through ScreenRant) if the third film on the Guardians would have been the last one or if there was the chance of a fourth one, Gunn answered saying that it is likely to be his last one, and the last one with the current team. That means that if there will ever be a fourth installment in the series, there could be some major changes in the team of the Guardians.

It’s probably my last one, and probably the last with the current team, but you never know!

James Gunn

The “you never know”, though, leaves the door open on a potential return of the writer-director, who until this point has always been the one managing the Guardians, even in Infinity War, where he contributed writing some dialogues for the characters. Even in Endgame, after he had been fired by Marvel Studios, he made his return as producer for the film. His dismissal raised the anger of the fans and the lovers of the Guardians, which without their “creator” would have never been the same, and brought to his reinstatement under the Disney branded vessel.

Infinity War had left some big scars for the team (major spoilers ahead!) with the death of Gamora, with Endgame re-introducing the character back into the franchise with a past version of herself, starting to go deep into the tides of the classic Marvel Multiverse. This, though, saw the love relationship between the daughter of Thanos and Star-Lord completely removed from the games (at least for the moment): Gamora, indeed, doesn’t have the same memories as her “original-self”, and now our poor Quill has to work hard once again to make her fall in love with him (which it will eventually happen again in the third film, giving the pair another happy ending).

With Thor potentially joining the team in the third film, what’s in store for our Guardians? If Vol.3 will eventually be the last time that the current team appears on the screen, the directions that they could take at Marvel Studios would be several: there are indeed many different Guardians group in the history of Marvel Comics, and this would mean that there could be the chance to bring some other characters which are lesser known on the big screen and, by doing so, to the larger audience. There could be even the chance to finally see Adam Warlock appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and joining the new team of the Guardians, as his presence in the MCU was confirmed at the end of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2.

What the future holds for our beloved Guardians is unknown, but one thing is for sure: we have one last (maybe, maybe not) ride to enjoy while James Gunn is steering the wheel of the cosmic side of the MCU: and we are sure is going to be something to remember for decades.

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