When even the Mightiest heroes fall: Bro Thor

Chris Hemsworth character endured an unexpected evolution during Avengers:Endgame, which saw the god of thunder turn into the “god of beer”. His situation wasn’t changed much at the end of the film, and with a fourth installment in Thor series everyone is wondering which direction the mighty hero will take. Will it be redemption, or just more denigration?

Years and years of superhero experience taught us all that, at some point, every hero has a dark moment. A moment when his past actions, his secrets or his failures strike back and hit really hard, to the edge of the ultimate ravine. In the MCU, for example, we can see this in Iron Man 3, when Tony Stark is facing panic attacks due to the battle of New York aftermaths, and has to climb up his way back to his best version, facing inner demons and more tangible obstacles. This process, though, it didn’t end with this single film: Tony Stark evolution develops through every other film he is in, from Age of Ultron to Civil War, and eventually his journey will be ultimately completed with the last two films of the Infinity Saga, Infinity War and Endgame. We can say it was quite a long journey from his lowest point to the moment when he finally redeems himself once and for all, sealing a character development started over 10 years ago.

There’s a whole different story when it comes up to Thor, instead. After the first two films, Thor and Thor:The Dark World, we witnessed a total rewriting of the character, which saw Odinson become a different character from what we were all used to: puns and a strong comic characterization made Thor join the likes of Tony Stark, Spider-Man and Star-Lord into the world of Marvel comicality. Thor: Ragnarok marks the end of not only Asgard but of the Thor Odinson we used to know, which is coherent with the context around the film. Ragnarok is set into space, and what have we learned from space, from the Guardians of the Galaxy? Yes, the space is an extravagant, bizarre and weird universe, so everything surrounding Thor (and himself) has to change to give that consistency to that world that was already introduced to the audience in that odd and specific way.

Changes that are respected even during Infinity War, when since from the start of the film Thor reminds us all that now he is a “talker“. After everything that happens during the fight with Thanos (and what had previously happened to him), and the subsequently defeat of the Avengers, Thor has all the reasons in the world to let himself go and have a crisis: he lost his mother, father and brother, he couldn’t protect his planet and his people and in the end he couldn’t defeat Thanos, so he considers himself responsible for the decimation of the entire universe. That’s when, five years after the Snap, we find him in a god-forbidden village called New Asgard, overweight with some likely alcohol problems and hidden in his house, where Korg is playing Fortnite. At first, everybody laughs about the situation that the film shows us; then, as the time keeps going, the bitter truth comes to show. Thor has become the aside guy of the Avengers, taking the place that, for example, the same Korg had during Ragnarok. He doesn’t have a single serious moment for all the time length of Endgame, not even when he meets his mother back on Asgard, and this should have been one of the starting moments of his redemption, but it didn’t exactly go that way. The expectations were that by the end of the film Thor would have started to put his broken pieces together and begin his recovery, but instead he embarks on a journey with the Guardians after abandoning the title of King of Asgard in favor of the new Queen, Valkyrie. Not considering Hulk, he is the only member of the Avengers that didn’t have have closure and a proper ending as he deserved.

What does the future hold for Thor Odinson, now? We know that there will be a fourth installment in the series, which is named Love and Thunder. In this film, Natalie Portman is set to return as Jane Foster, former love interest of Thor, and she is gonna wield the mighty Mjölnir, becoming Thor herself. My hopes are that this won’t affect Thor’s comeback in any way, even more because I feel this film has the main purpose for him to reclaim his reputation back, and coming back stronger than ever. My fears, instead, are that the film will be centered on Natalie Portman version of Thor, and that Chris Hemsworth won’t be the main character of the film, which would be really a shame as I am sure that a lot of fans are expecting some kind of retribution after watching one of their favorite superheroes being so mistreated by the directors and Marvel creators. So, what will it be in the end? Redemption or denigration? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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