Far From Home, To The End (and the Start) of a Journey

Far From Home hit the cinemas a few days ago, and it has already beaten Endgame box office record of the best grossing domestic opening, with $27 million earned. The real end to Tony’s arc, and the beginning of a new path, Peter Parker’s path. (WARNING, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!)

I have just finished to watch Far From Home as I am writing this review. I was so thrilled and excited about the film I couldn’t wait to start to write it so I could talk about it just a little longer. That’s the kind of reaction I look for when I go to the cinema: the emotions that make me want to talk about the film I just watched for hours. This is exactly the case, and Spider-Man: Far From Home does his job at perfection, and not because it’s a perfect film or because it is the best Marvel film so far, none of these things. The amount of feelings surrounding the characters, the apparent jolly atmosphere after the Blip (people coming back from Thanos’ snap after five years) and the reality of a broken inside Peter Parker play a big part in making me appreciate the film as it is.

Our Peter is conflicted, he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders and to live up to Tony’s expectations and at the same time he just wants to be the 16 years old guy embarking in a school trip in Europe and live his completely normal teenage life. He wants to open his heart to MJ in the most romantic way he can think of, but there’s something in the way that is always messing up with his plan: his superhero life. And so we can see our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man face his inner demons (if we can talk about demons for a kid his age), first deciding to entrust the role that was meant to him to the first good person (or so he thinks) that passes by, and then the knowledge to have failed the person who always believed in him. Every moment in the film screams “this is really the end, but… not really”.

A “normal-powered” villain, well-interpreted by Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect excuse to bring back a part of Tony Stark again, as in the past, with his technology being either the solution and either the cause to the problem. EDITH (Even Dead, I’m The Hero) a security system empowered by Stark Industries and that uses high-tech drones as main weapons, all controlled by a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses that were donated to Peter Parker, who just gives them away at the first available chance, and this chance has a name and a doppelganger: Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio. After Peter and his class go on an intercontinental school trip in Europe, the first encounter with Mysterio happens in Venice, when the mysterious hero saves him and his classmates from an “Elemental” and the two of them are introduced by nonetheless than Nick Fury. Nick Fury who will hijack Peter’s school trip to Berlin without raising a single doubt within the teachers that escort the children in their adventure (I would never confide to leave my cat with any of them, by the way) and they end up being caught in a second Elemental attack, and Spider-Man (or should I say Night Monkey?) and Mysterio save the day, with the last one making most of the job.

As mentioned above, Spider-Man gives EDITH to Mysterio who, chances are, is a former Stark employee and with other former employees conspired to take over the last Stark inheritance and use it at their own advantage to create the new Iron Man, who would have had the name of Quentin Beck. Beck will end up being discovered quite soon by Peter, and their clash will be the perfect chance for the directors to show us an almost psychedelic fight between the two, with Mysterio using holograms created by the drones to produce infinite illusions and to defeat our hero. Despite this, I should say I never perceived any real threat coming from the villain, and that’s a shame as it could have just added up to the many positive things of the film. After this defeat Spider-Man has to put himself back together, and the person who will help him in doing so is Happy, and non-directly Tony himself. In one of the sequence I will treasure most about the film we see Peter eventually having a collapse, admitting to have failed once again, and that he can’t live up with Tony: Happy’s answer will be the glue that will put the pieces together. Nobody can live up to Tony, not even Tony himself: he did what he did because he knew that it would have meant that Peter would have lived and would have taken his place: he was the person that never gave a second thought to him. Then, the choice of the suit, with Back in Black by AC/DC playing in the background, as Peter states that he “loves Led Zeppelin”! I was really moved by the scene, and I should say I won’t be against Tom Holland taking Robert Downey’s spot as the leader of the Avengers in the MCU. It suits to the Spider-Man they have been developing so far, after all.

The final battle between Spidey and Mysterio will happen on the London Bridge, where Peter imitates Cap during the final battle in Endgame, wielding a Tower Bridge sign as a shield and an explosive drone in the other hand. Even the music is the same as Cap’s scene! The contest between the hero and the villain is not really a contest this time, but we see some great directing moments, great fight choreography and a final sequence that is one of the coolest scenes in a superhero film. Quentin Beck dies, and with him Peter innocence, allowing his character to keep on with his never-stopping development. And finally, our favourite web-shooter gets his romantic (and quite awkward) moment with MJ, after they both open their feelings up.

Through cameos missing (Stan Lee, sigh), cameos like the J. Jonah Jameson one, Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game references, and a humour that it’s never overwhelming the film flows away and it is enjoyable from minute one to the very end of the credits. Far From Home is the film of the end of the Infinity Saga, and yet it brings a whole new life into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which could have already reinvented itself, leaving its fate in the webs of Spider-Man and the hand of Tom Holland, who, as the character he plays, could have just accepted a difficult role to take: he has now to live up with Robert Downey Jr., as Spider-Man will have to live up with Tony Stark. It is kind of a poetic ending, and an exciting new start, as it has one of the cliffhangers that will keep me going for ages: at the end of the film, in the mid-credits scene Spider-Man true identity is revealed by Mysterio in one of his holograms recorded just before his death, and our hero probably goes from being the next Iron Man to be the number one enemy of New York! Can’t really wait to find out what the future holds for all of us.The era of cine-comics is not over yet.

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