Pilot – First post

“It’s frightening. Turns the leg to jelly. But, I ask you, to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it’s here. Or should I say, I am.” #Thanos, #InfinityWar.

I couldn’t find a better quote to start off this new exciting experience. It could sound a bit pretentious to mention destiny for the opening of a blog, and maybe it is. Thing is, I have been thinking for years about opening my own blog, a blog where I can talk about things I love and I watch (or read, depending on the subject). I already had a try in the past, when I was younger and far more inexperienced in life in general, and it didn’t go as I wanted it to go. That always kept me from opening a new one, until now. What has changed, then?

First point, I’ve grown up and feel ready for the challenge, no matter what. Second, two massive events that made me feel like I wanted to share my views and thoughts with other people, and which way is it better than a personal blog? The two events I am talking about are #AvengersEndgame, and the eight and last season of #GameOfThrones. These game-changing global phenomenons have had a huge impact on my life, for how insane that can sound to someone (maybe not that much, if you’re here reading this blog…).

No more doubts, no more fears. No more dreading failures. I will just take this new challenge as it comes and try my best to make it an interesting opportunity for all readers to share their views and opinions on the subjects that will be discussed and analyzed here, in a perfect environment for everyone that shares the same love for films, TV series, books and whatever it comes to mind.

So, where to start now? After this brief background on the website and the reason for it’s very own existence, first post will soon follow, and it will be about the above-mentioned Endgame and Game Of Thrones, while waiting for the last episode to air, as I don’t wanna share anything until I have a whole picture of the last season and the series in general. Ideas are already in my mind, just need to put everything on paper (or, on a web-page!).

Thanks everyone for popping in, can’t wait to start for real!

Meanwhile… Fans, assemble!


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