Endgame: End of an Era?

2019 will go down in history as the year that put the word “end” to two of the most popular sagas in the entire world of entertainment: #GameOfThrones, and #AvengersEndgame, which marked the finale of a journey eleven years long that involved 22 films (23, including the upcoming #Spiderman: #FarFromHome), several characters and a major villain that gave life to one of the most successful long-term plans that has ever hit the big screen.

Avengers:Endgame is the icing on that tasty cake (although it had some bitter bite sometimes) called Marvel Cinematic Universe, or simply MCU. The film is still playing in cinemas and beating almost every possible record, exception made for the domestic income which will still be held by #TheForceAwakens, while worldwide the total gross could top #Avatar and possibly getting close or even exceed the monstrous number of 3 billion dollars, even if that seems unlikely as it will face a strong competition in the next weeks, with films like #DarkPhoenix, #Alladin, the third chapter of #JohnWIck or the sequel of #Godzilla.

The reasons why the film had such a devastating impact worldwide it’s simply explained: it is, without any doubts, the end of an era. Every film led to this exact moment, to destiny. The destiny of being one of the most loved films of all time.

The question that I ask myself now is: is this the beginning of the end for superheroes films? Where will the future lead? After Far From Home will bring some closure (and many openings) to this arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are still a lot of already announced movies in the years to come; but will the results stay the same? With #InfinityWar and Endgame the expectation soared to levels never seen before, and let’s be honest: expecting the same level of quality, intensity and success is pretty much a mission impossible. Without even mentioning that cinecomics have become such a common event (in the latest years we have sometimes watched between 5 and 7 films a year, counting DC films too) that some fans could just become tired of the whole phenomenon and the enthusiasm that have led to the extreme success of Endgame and Infinity War could just collapse.

It is true that Marvel has several possibilities to develop stories, bring new characters in, and start new standalone series of films. Cinema history showed that there are some main trends that at some point are taken over by some new and fresh trend, and that may influence any future Marvel plan for its cinematic universe. The fulfillment given by Endgame could last for years for some people, while for others the idea of getting to know a complete new Avengers team could just be unacceptable. Saying goodbye is never easy, that’s for sure: once you’ve seen the endgame going back to the start could be hard, to say the least; people at Marvel should try to plan something massive to even match what they achieved with this first big arc of its story, surpassing it will be a real challenge. What’s for sure, it’s that MCU will never, ever, be the same again, and we can consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed one of the biggest events in the whole entertainment history so far. That hammer sound, at the end of the Endgame credits, it’s the end of this amazing era that we all loved, together. What the future holds, though, is everything but sure.

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