Endgame VS Avatar: “Whatever it Takes”

Since its release, Avengers:Endgame has been fighting for the spot as the highest grossing film ever. Now that Avatar is just a bunch of millions away, the film is being re-released with some new content. Will this be the right move to secure the overtaking?

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME..Thanos (Josh Brolin)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

After two months of screenings, Avengers: Endgame had closed in the gap that separates it from topping up Avatar record: but no matter what, Avatar’s monstrous income of $2,788,000,000 started to look unreachable. Now, after an official announcement by Russo’s brothers the film will be re-released in US cinemas with a catch: whoever will be going to re-watch (or re-re-re-re-watch it) will have access to some brand new content. And no, the new screenings won’t alter the film itself, as it will all be mid and post credits material, with some surprises and tributes, always according to official reports. At the moment it looks unclear whether this re-release will reach the worldwide cinemas or not; as matter of facts, at the moment of writing, no announcement has been made on the subject.

This decision, however, looks to have caused both enthusiasm and anger, as some fans aren’t happy about the perspective to go once again to the cinema to watch the same film all over again just to watch a few minutes at the end of it, and they feel as they have been given a mutilated product when they first went to the cinema. This has been even compared to DLC content in the video-games world by some of them, who almost feel as they have been ripped off after this marketing maneuver. On the other hand, thousands of fan were literally on top of the moon when the announcement first came in, ready to re-watch the film once again and to support its quest in doing the impossible. With only around 40 millions to go, Avatar milestone looks quite close now. The question is, would this be enough? Numbers would suggest that Endgame is not gonna make it, as weekly incomes have been constantly dropping, and with some hard competition on the way (#FarFromHome, #TheLionKing or #ToyStory4) there would be less and less space in cinemas for the film.

Truth is, that Avatar was in cinemas for 238 days while Endgame has been out there for just 2 months now, and many fans hope that a longer stint and (maybe) the worldwide re-release will help it overtaking the record. This insane race between these two cinematographic giants has thrilled billions of people around the globe, and Marvel now has launched a final and desperate attack on James Cameron. As in Endgame the final battle is on: who will be the winner? No matter who wins or loses, in Marvel headquarters they seem to have their ideas clear to try to secure the spot. Whatever it takes.

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