Black Widow: Is it really going to be a prequel?

Endgame is just about to end its run in the cinemas and there are already several rumors spreading across the web, just like wildfire. Far From Home hasn’t made its way to the screen yet, but the fans still can’t cope with the void left from the last Avengers film, so theories about what’s gonna happen next to their favorite characters are the only way to try to fill it in. This time, the spark that created everything are some leaked photos from the supposed Black Widow spin-off, which it should be a prequel, even if it’s too early to know any further details. As always, if you haven’t watched Avengers:Endgame, don’t continue with the reading!

Apparently, the production of the unnamed Black Widow film has already begun, and some pictures have leaked online. We know that during Endgame Natasha Romanoff died in her quest to retrieve the Soul Stone, sacrificing her life to give a second chance to the people that she considered to be her family, just under the eyes of the poor Clint Burton, aka Hawkeye. So, when the Black Widow film has been confirmed, it was obvious that it would have been a prequel, or, as the Marvel multiverse finally made its debut in the MCU, in an alternate reality (as it should be for #Loki series). A particular photo shows Scarlett Johansson emerging from water with what it appears to be a red glowing object. Now, some fans speculated that the item in question could be the Reality Stone, and it led them to believe that Natasha could have been somehow resurrected by Steve Rogers, in his final mission to bring back the Infinity Stones in their respective timelines. In the comics, in fact, one of the stone powers is to resurrect people indeed; something that brought back fans’ hopes to see Natasha with her “family” once again.

Unfortunately, that seems like a theory that has already been ruled out by directors in Endgame: in fact, Hulk states that when he snapped his fingers to bring back all the living creatures that Thanos had wiped out, he tried to bring back the red-haired widow as well, without any success. So, if Hulk/Banner didn’t manage in his attempt wielding the Infinity Stones through the Infinity Gauntlet, how could Steve Rogers with just the Reality Stone resurrect her? That seems unlikely, at least for the MCU. The prequel option still is the one I’d put my bet on, as I wouldn’t like a magical resurrection of the character, which reached her ending point giving a purpose to her life: without her sacrifice, it would have been impossible for our heroes to undo Thanos’ actions. Her sacrifice was the price to pay for the greater good, on the same level as Tony sacrifice, so why bring her back from the dead? Anyway, we won’t have to wait long to have further details, as the film is scheduled to be released during 2020, so it’s easy to expect that by the end of the year we will have our first trailer and then we will have some of the answers we are looking for.

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